A LOT of love for Spamalot!

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to MSC Opas for what they do to bring top notch performances to College Station.  Last night I saw “Spamalot” and it was absolutely fantastic!  I’m a Monty Python fan as much as anybody else…so I knew that I would enjoy the show, but I didn’t know I would LOVE it as much as I did.  And it wasn’t just me!  The cast had everyone up on their feet singing along by the end of the show.

The show itself is based on the “Monty Python & the Search for the Holy Grail” movie.  If you’re a fan of the movie, you will like the show.  But it offers so much for the musical theater fan in it’s giant splashy musical numbers that are “giant” and “splashy” for “giant-and-splashy-sake.”  I love when an art form can make fun of itself and “Spamalot” does just that with this hysterical show.  Here’s a clip from the Broadway cast (including Sarah Ramirez from “Grey’s Anatomy”) performing one of my favorite numbers: “The Song That Goes Like This.”  Enjoy!  -Alli

[youtube width="560" height="420"]NMwb3wG2fC8[/youtube]