Amber and Gary From Teen Mom want to “work it out”

By work it out we mean make filming easier for the next season of “Teen Mom 1″ (that’s right…Teen Mom is TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS now).

The back story is as follows:

  1. Amber punched Gary numerous times and attempted to shove him down the stairs on national TV.
  2. Amber denied it ever happened and was proven wrong by national TV.
  3. Judge charged her with FELONY ASSAULT.
  4. Judge issued an order for Amber and Gary to stay the hell away from each other until the matter is solved.

Well, considering the only way these two have any shot in hell at making any money is to continue being on a reality TV show together this presents a problem.

Gary waddled into court asking for the protective order to be dropped last month and was followed by Amber last week. From the documents:

“Mr. Shirley is in no fear of Ms. Portwood. The events with which she has been charged are remote in time, and she presents no danger to Mr. Shirley. It is important to all three persons for the parents to have contact with one another to discuss topics concerning this child.”

Crap…I forgot they had a child. Tragic.

Read the court docs Here.

Below you will find a recap of Amber and Gary’s greatest hits. (Get it?)