American Idol – Nashville Auditions

Nashville didn’t have as many standouts as I would have hoped…but one of my favorite auditions I have seen all season came from 15-year-old Idol hopeful Lauren Alaina. Her voice is amazing, especially for someone so young.  But the best part of her audition comes after she already got her golen ticket to Hollywood…check it out!

[youtube width="560" height="420"]mquyp21atn8[/youtube]

Since everyone watches the audition episodes to see the American Idol Rejects more than the stand outs…here’s my favorite diva from Nashville, Latoya Moore, who thinks she is born to be star.

[youtube width="560" height="420"]Ye6wuabcwTo[/youtube]

What did you think of the contestants last night? Any favorites I’m leaving out? You can leave your comments below!