Charlie Sheen In Serious Condition

Charlie Sheen was hospitalized early Thursday morning, apparently suffering a hernia.  Rumors had been pointed to a possible drug binge, but have later been discounted thankfully!  His health remains in serious condition upon the latest updates.  This comes just a couple months after Sheen’s hotel room meltdown where he basically dismantled the entire room.  Lets hope for his sake, this incident will get resolved quickly and was no fault of his!   As bad as this guy has spiraled with drugs, porn stars, and failed marriages, I still enjoy his acting.  Hang in there, “Wild Thing.”  Hope to have an update soon! Full Story Here


Update: It appears Charlie is in better condition and will be able to get back to his daily routines within time.  More information came out that he was hosting and event with five women present, including porn star Kacey Jordan.  Drugs are still rumored to be in play at the event.  Denise Richards, Sheen’s former wife, is strongly urging for him to enter rehab, for the sake of their two children.