Girl Scout Cookie Cutbacks!

Downsizing is everywhere…and even the Girl Scout Cookies can’t survive without being affected in some way.  The Girl Scouts are cutting back on the different types of cookies they’re selling.  Right now they have 11 varieties, but this year, some troops are only selling 6 as a test.   If the test works, they’ll officially cut down to 6 flavors next year.  By cutting flavors, they can save money on production, and also help the Girls Scouts focus their sales efforts.  So…here’s the important question: 

Which cookies will survive the cutbacks???

1) Thin Mints:

2) Do-Si-Dos:

3) Trefoils:

4) Samoas:

5) Lemon Chalet Cremes:

6) Tagalongs:

Which Cookies are Getting the Boot???

1) Thank U Berry Munch:

2) Lemonades:

3) Dulce de Leche:

4) Thanks A Lot:

5) Shoutouts!:

Are any of the cut coookies your favoites?