John Travolta is in with the Mob

If the following story sounds like a plotline from the Sopranos…it was. For several seasons. It involved Chris, Jon Favreu, and one of the Baldwins. Bottom line. It didn’t end well for Chris.

John Travolta is allegedly in talks to PLAY THE ROLE OF JOHN GOTTI in a biopic about the notorious gangster. The pic is from a meeting in Brentwood with (CURRENT real life crime lord) John Gotti Jr., Travolta, and director Nick Casavetes. I know biopics are all the rage, but considering Gotti ran organized crime in New York for the Gambino family for YEARS, murdered countless people, and extorted and intimidated countless others that ARE STILL ALIVE this seems very gross to me.

For the record Gotti Jr. didn’t fall too far from the tree, he’s been implicated in numerous cases including the attempted assasination of radio host Curtis Sliwa. Yeah. He’s not a nice guy.

I know this is weird coming from me who LOOOOOVES mob movies, but seriously…this ain’t right.