Krash’s Age!?

So in just a matter of hours I will be turning………… 22!  I get asked a lot via text what my age is, no I’m not 24!! :p.  That seems to be the most common guess.  Yes I am a young buck =).  21, WOW the year we all dream about growing up.  You know, it allows you to do all those naughty things you were not allowed to before.  That is not what defined the 21st year of my life however.  It was a tremendous amount of ups and downs, career opportunities, and just a hectic run of stress between school and work.  I LOVED every second of it!  I’m not going to blog about everything I’ve done in the last year, but I will tell you this!  My family and friends always come first, but outside of that realm nobody has put a smile on my face more than the Candy 95 fans of Cstat and beyond!  I truly love you guys for making my first radio gig such a great success to this point.  None of it would be possible however without my boss Frito, and the great staff of Candy 95!  I hope everyone can listen to my special B-Day show tomorrow.  I’m planning to announce a place to meet up and paaaaartay with Krash later in the night :p.  I like to ramble I apologize =)