Lady Gaga could make $100 Million in 2011

Let that sink in. It’s all speculation, but it comes from Forbes. Here’s more:

“LADY GAGA has a knack for making headlines. She also has a talent for moneymaking. GAGA raked in $64 million last year by our estimate, making her the seventh highest-paid musician in the world.Touring will be a prime money-maker, providing the largest chunk of GAGA’s earnings this year. In 2010, her 138-show Monster’s Ball tour grossed $133 million, second to only BON JOVI on the list of year’s most lucrative tours. GAGA already commands a higher average ticket price ($102) than her NEW JERSEY counterpart ($92), but she’s been playing to crowds of 14,000 on average (compared to BON JOVI’s 33,000).”

Holy Cow. The article goes on to list several endorsement deals that could put Gaga over the top. Her label says they feel confident that these statistics are in reach and even said they feel that Gaga is “just now hitting her stride”.