My interview with Dave Good from the Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad!

Dave Good won the Bachelor Pad and was a contestant vying for Jillian on the Bachelorette… now he wrote a book for the ladies that explains how to get our dream guy in our lives and how to keep him there.

It’s also a book for the guys telling them how to become the ultimate guy for us ladies!

It’s called “Man Code.

I talked to him about the book, about relationships, turn ons, the way Americans have become [and in his words- why it’s bad that “we don’t kill each other off anymore.”

And of course, we talked about the Bachelor Brad Womack and who he’s rooting for on the show.

Take a listen to my podcasts of the interview on the podcast page and get excited- He’s going to be a regular on my show! I’ll have help with the whole “relationship advisor” thing! WOOHOO!

And ladies- just to make your day, here are some pictures of the beautiful man: