Steve Fullhart and Shel Winkley Talk Movie Snack Smuggling

Posting these segments because it may be the hardest I’ve laughed on the show in a while. Every Monday the crew from Brazos Valley This Morning come hang for the 9am hour. Today we decided to talk about something that apparently we all (except Steve) do. 70-80% of people admit to regularly sneaking snacks into movie theatres. Most of us smuggle in the usual stuff (Candy, light snacks, drinks). Shel and I however go big. Full meals. Burritos, Sandwiches, Taco Bell. I’m a big fan of sneaking in “Adult Capri Suns” aka Target Wine Single Serve packets (best idea EVER!!!).

Some of the things you guys have snuck in though took the cake. Enjoy:

Thanks to the guys for coming in today. Had a blast! Also, remember to watch us on KBTX Monday’s at 6:20 for The Buzz. Here’s a link to today’s segment. I accidently hit the wrong button so the whole thing played on Candy 95 too. Oops. Watch the video to see the look of shame and dissapointment cross my face when Chace let me know about it. The ensuing panic made me hit another button which I’m pretty sure caused the awkward silence near the end of the segment too.

Morning Candy Monday – 01/24

I’ll get better at TV. I promise! –Frito