Tom Hanks son…next great rapper?


Meet Chet Hanks. Son of Tom Hanks ( the one who WASN’T in Orange County). He’s actually a college student right now at Northwestern, but dude has got dreams. In fact he thinks he’s going to be the next big thing on the rap scene. He’s recording under the name “Chet Haze” (Not making fun. It’s better than “Frito).

His latest soon to be hit is making it’s rounds on YouTube. It’s a Wiz Kalifa Parody (which it seems like EVERYONE is doing right now) called “White and Purple” pretty harmless but the lyrics seem to indicate Chet is a pretty big fan of the evil weed. Boozing too. Not exactly behavior we have come to expect from the Hanks clan. Either way, here’s the track.

BE WARNED: Drug references and explicit lyrics ahead:

(ED: The video at was removed by the user. Trust us, it existed.)

Still holds NOTHING to the version done in honor of Alli’s TCU Horned Frogs. Here’s Black and Purple for comparison. Enjoy!

[youtube width="560" height="420"]RsSchzxiH68[/youtube]