15 Ways to Zap A Bully

Great interview with Dr. Jackie Humans this AM. She’s written a book about helping your kids deal with bullying. It has stratagies on how kids can mentally disarm bullies and get them to stop. We think it’s got some amazing stratagies. Here’s a brief description:

When bullies are unable to upset their targets it takes the fun out of bullying. 15 Ways to ZAP a Bully! illustrates simple techniques, such as how to find a buddy to hang out with, and how to make ignoring the bully easier, and progressing to more sophisticated techniques using humor and/or snappy comebacks, because having lots of options helps the targets of bullying to feel more confident. Lastly, it outlines the 5 W’s of reporting bullying in order to maximize credibility. The last W may surprise you! “15 Ways to ZAP a Bully! is a terrific book for teaching kids how to successfully handle verbal bullying. The techniques really work, and the illustrations make it easy for kids to visualize and practice.

Here’s a link to buy the book on Amazon: 15 WAYS TO ZAP A BULLY

Here’s our interview with Dr. Humans from this morning: