Adam’s Grammy recap

I watched the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards last night.  In 4 and a half hours, they handed out 10 awards on stage.  What happened with the other 99 awards?  Do those winners get their Grammy in the mail; did they go up on stage before the televised show, or what?  Christina falling was embarrassing, maybe not as embarrassing as forgetting the lyrics to the national anthem, but still joke worthy for the late night TV talk show hosts.  Eminem, Dre, Adam Levine and Rihanna had a great performance, Rihanna later lip syncing was not spectacular, Mick Jagger was cool, but was he or Barbara Streisand really relevant to the 2010 music scene? They may have inspired the parents of some of the newer artists, but that’s about it.


And the contradictions with the awards, what is this garbage? If you win an overall award you should win something in your category first.  Seriously, Esperanza Spalding wins best New Artist, though she wasn’t nominated for any awards in the Jazz category. Album of the Year goes to Arcade Fire; however, they were nominated for Best Alternative Album and didn’t win that.  So they didn’t have the best Alternative album, but the ‘Suburbs” wins album of the year and Black Keys aren’t even nominated? How does that even make sense? This is the Grammy Awards, not little league tee ball, everyone who put out an album does NOT deserve to win an award.  If you don’t win the best of your own category, how can you win best overall?

Over all, we did get to see that Lady Gaga’s been busy robbing Bjork’s closet; Katy Perry is cute when she’s surprised, and Justin Bieber isn’t a sore loser.  I liked Cee Lo, Gwyneth and the Muppets, Bruno Mars was good, and I’m happy for Lady Antebellum winning Record of the Year. However, I’m not sure what the point of the Grammy Awards was initially when it began 53 years ago, but I do know that last night’s show was not an awards show celebrating a year for the entire music recording industry and awarding those people that put in hard work and time to make great music for everyone.  In the end, I was very disappointed with the whole awards show, but maybe I was just angry that I didn’t get to see Lewis Black go off on an epic rant as he accepted his award for Best Comedy Album…

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