American Idol – Austin!

American Idol made it’s way to the Lone Star state last night for the Austin round of auditions!   But the episode began with the much anticipated “Steven Tyler Apology” that Seacrest hinted at on his radio show.  Turns out the whole thing was kind of a joke…right? 

Before even the opening sequence rolled, there it was, white letters on a black background:

Card 1: “American Idol would like to apologize for last week’s outrageous behavior by Steven Tyler.”

Card 2: “Mr. Tyler has been warned and assures us it will never happen again.”

Cut to …

A contestant named Jake Muck walking onto the audition stage in Austin, Texas.

Tyler: You know what Muck rhymes with, don’t you?

Muck: Duck?

Tyler: Read my lips.

And then the “Idol” opening sequence kicked in.

C’Mon Idol…you don’t really need lame jokes to get us to tune in do you????

Knowing Austin, we were prepared for some truly “weird” Idol hopefuls!  It turned out to be a somewhat tame show, but luckily for us (and for Ryan Seacrest) there was Courtney Penry to keep things interesting!  Aside from being obsessively in love with Ryan (which I’m pretty sure was a stunt for camera time) she also has an uncanny impression to share with the judges… Her singing leaves something to be desired, but her personality will at least make Hollywood week interesting.


There were cowboys a-plenty on last nights show, but one stood out among the rest…John Wayne Shulz.  I loved his audition, but do you think his mom is a little much???  he may be a heartthrob ladies, but I’d look out for such a mamma’s boy!


When John Wayne gets his golden ticket, the whole family is there to celebrate…and thus, my FAVORITE moment from the show…Ryan Seacrest and his feats of strength!


What was the low point in Austin?  for me it wasn’t the Idol Rejects this time.  It was super-mushy gushy couple Jaqueline Dunferd and Nick Fink.  They both made it to Hollywood…much for the same reason that Courtney Penry got through — storyline.  I don’t think they’ll get far…At least I hope not!


Who were your favorites???