American Idol: Group Performances

The most dramatic episode of every season of American Idol revolves around the infamous GROUP PERFORMANCES. Last night’s episode didn’t bring out the crazy like some of the recent seasons, but there was plenty of drama!

Let’s start out with Ashley Sullivan.  The mixture of pressure from preparing choregoraphy, learning lyrics, and being surrounded by cameras was almost too much to take.  Ashley tried to quit the show completely.  Thanks to support from her boyfriend, Idol producers, and her group, she stuck it out.  Turns out THAT was the best decision she made so far…Check out “The Hits” performance of “Hit ‘Em Style” here:


Now this just broke my heart!  One of my favorites, Jacee Badeaux from Lafayette, got the boot from his group really late into the planning stages.  How could anyone be so mean?  Jacee was obviously disheartened by the rejection, but he held his head high and was finally able to find a new group.  With only a few hours to rehearse, he was at a real disadvantage.  The judges took a little “Mercy” on him and I think that’s what I like so much about this new panel!  Watch Jacee here…he is such a cutie!!!


The BEST performance of the night award has to go to “The Minors.”  This group of 5 15 and 16-year-old performers gave everyone in the competition a run for their money.  I think my favorite part of this performance, besides the fantastic harmonizing, is their moms!  Enjoy…


Who were YOUR favorites from last night???  Do you think anyone got cut that should have stuck around?