American Idol: San Francisco Auditions

The San Franciso auditions brought us some promising contestants, but it also brought out the ANGRY in Steven Tyler.  He was so cranky at points last night.  Check out Steven getting “testy” when Idol-Wannabe Dave Combs attemps The Beatles’ “Oh Darlin”


But like I said, there were a few standouts.  One of those contestants was 21-year-old James Durbin from Santa Cruz, CA.  We learned a little about his backstory, including that he fact that he was born with Terets.  For him, singing becomes a release from the condition. Check out his Adam Lambert-esque audition!


Finally, the judges were REALLY impressed by 20-year-old Julie Zorrilla.  She’s originally from Columbia, but moved with her family at age 8 due to the dangerous conditions in the country.  Her version of “Summertime” was enough for J Lo to predict that Julie may win the whole thing!  What do you think??