And now…they’re hunting in PACKS

As if a SINGLE Great White wasn’t bad enough, a pair sharks is being blamed for a deadly attack off Australia’s Coffin Bay.

The unfortunate victim was a diver hunting for Abalone. From a quick google search, that particular profession seems to have “Great White Shark Attack” pretty high on it’s list of hazards.

The biggest hazard in my job by comparison is carpal tunnel syndrome or possibly rolling an ankle while stepping out of the Candy 95 H2.
Here’s a quote from the guy’s partner who had TO BE TREATED FOR SHOCK after the incident:

“I saw the beast come up and take him. There’s no way he could have survived.”

Senior Constable, Tim Dodds, said two sharks had been blamed.

He said: “It has been reported that the diver was returning to the surface when two sharks, believed to be great whites, grabbed him.

Yeah, TWO sharks. As a team. I hope the Shark Week team are taking notes. Guys, STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE WATER. They’re getting smart.