It’s funny that line from Pulp Fiction could totally set me off on a tangent and start me on a rant.  But I am truly scared for the English language.  I know it’s probably just me, but I really hate when people misspell words or misuse words either in Facebook posts or via text message.  I understand that it’s some sort of modern techno-shorthand allowing you to fit more info into your micro messages, but please don’t get mad at me when I correct you, in my opinion it’s for the good of all mankind.  For instance: to and too.  The preposition to refers to a place, direction, or position. To is also used before the verb in an infinitive.  The adverb too means “also” or “excessively.” Now if you really want to save even more space in a text, just used the numeral “2” and you save at least one extra character and I can infer whatever meaning you might have intended.  I have friends who are English/Language Arts teachers and I know that they teach the usages of:  Their, They’re and There; You’re and Your, Its and It’s; To and Too; and others.  Are we really headed to Mike Judges’s vision of the future, “Idiocracy”?


Honestly, if you have issues with spelling, use predictive text or a spell checker, maybe you’ll learn something.  I’ve honestly seen graduates from Texas A&M use phonetic spellings in their texts and Facebook posts, and it makes me want to beat them with a dictionary.  I too have a degree from A&M, but when I see phone spelled “fone” it’s like my diploma has been devalued 75%.  I’m not asking for perfect grammar or punctuation.  I know typos happen, and I’m the worst when it comes to hitting extra buttons on my phone.  But please, proofread what you’ve written before hitting “send” or “post”.

Thanks and please don’t let stupid happen,