Frankie Muniz 911 Audio

Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend got into quite a tiff a couple weeks back.  The story broke last week, but now the 9-1-1 audio has hit the internet. 

 Here’s the back story in case you missed it: Two Fridays ago, Frankie allegedly put a gun to his own head during an argument with his girlfriend, Elycia.  He then went to the hospital.  Elycia says she called a member of Frankie’s rock band and had him take Frankie in because of the gun incident.  But Frankie claimed he went because he fell and hit his head.  It was after he returned from the hospital that things blew up again.  That’s when Frankie made this call:


Here’s the good news…I think. Frankie and Elycia are still together and working things out.  Just a couple of crazy kids, I guess.