Good Morning, Hater!: Johnny Rotten

You don’t know who that is…but your parents might. He was (is?) the lead singer of a band called “The Sex Pistols”. They were a big deal in the 80’s (i think?). Mostly people just mention them in their “Music I like” section of blogs/FB or throw their name out at parties when they want to seem a lot hipper than they really are. Here’s a picture:

I bring this up because apparently dude hates Jay-Z. Just HATES him. They both released biographies earlier this year and (shockingly) Rotten’s didn’t do as well as Jay’s. However it IS up for an award. The NME Shockwave award (NOTE: People who hand these type of awards out ALWAYS want to look hipper than they are…hence nominating the dude from The Sex Pistols. UGH.)

Here’s the quote:

“Come on! I’m afraid what he does is parody to me. Jay-Z‘s just nonsense. I’ve never met him, but twice I’ve had to play a stage opposite when he was on. One was in Coachella and one was in Poland, and both times I pulled an enormous crowd away from him. He certainly must have noticed.”

Trust me. He didn’t. He would have to have fallen off the Everest size pile of money he was sitting on to notice. I’d say he probably doesn’t know who you are but HOV is a notorious fan of all genres so he probably does. However, without doing the math I’m almost certain Blueprint III alone has outsold all Sex Pistols material from that past two decades.