Here’s the Secret Recipe For Coca-Cola . . . Supposedly

Coca Cola is denying this is the “real thing” but it was discovered in the personal notes of Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton and a lot of people are saying it’s legit. Some of the researchers who have been playing around with it say they could recreate it and testers couldn’t tell the difference, others say it was close but it was still “a little off”. Still pretty cool if it’s legit. Although if it is I’ll probably be getting some very serious calls/emails VERY soon. Copy it down while you can.  

The main syrup:

–Fluid extract of Coca:  3 drams USP.  (–‘USP’ stands for United States Pharmacopeia . . . they set standards for the preparation of medicine.)

–Citric acid:  3 ounces

–Caffeine:  1 ounce

–Sugar:  30  (–30 what?  The quantity on that one remains a mystery.)

–Water:  2.5 gallons

–Lime juice:  2 pints, one quart

–Vanilla:  1 ounce

–Caramel:  1.5 ounce or more, for color

The secret “7X” flavor . . . Every five gallons of syrup gets two ounces of flavor.

–Alcohol:  8 ounces

–Orange oil:  20 drops

–Lemon oil:  30 drops

–Nutmeg oil:  10 drops

–Coriander:  5 drops

–Neroli:  10 drops

–Cinnamon:  10 drops