Justin Bieber…Cuts. His. Hair.

Justin Bieber fans were in a panic yesterday when he tweeted the following message: 

“Thinking about getting a haircut . . . hmmmmmm.” 

Well, he wasn’t just thinking about it.  He did it!  Here’s a couple of the photos, courtesy of TMZ.

Justin Tweeted this about his new do:

“Yeah so it’s true . . . I got a lil haircut . . . I like it . . . and we are giving all the hair [that was] cut to CHARITY to auction.  Details coming soon.” 

Justin also told TMZ he, quote, “wanted to change it up [with] kind of a mature look.”  They didn’t have any more details on the charity aspects.  But TMZ.com says they are  getting a lock to sell, and it’ll benefit some animal charities.

We dig the new “mature” look.  What do you think about Justin’s cut?  Comment below!