Krash’s College Survival Guide #2

Okay so we’re about to enter the first round of tests for the spring semester.  I’ll tell you what is going to happen.

1.  You put off studying until the day before, because each day you have an, “excuse.”

2.  You wait till the night before and you just can’t seem to focus with Jersey Shore on.

3.  It is one hour before the test, and you are saying FML!!!!!

This leads me to dun dun dun…

Lesson #2:  Studying for an entire exam in one hour!!

I cannot tell you how many times that last hour has been a life or death situation!  But lets face it when the wall is up against me this bad I deserve to fail!  Nonetheless pulling off a passing grade or a B is probably the target here.  Lets face it an A, you don’t deserve that!  But hey hey, I know it’s college things happen ;).  Okay so one hour you are outside the classroom trying to frantically read the chapters and it just is not sinking in!  You are going to need three materials to get this job done, a pen, notebook, and an MP3 PLAYER!  Why mp3 you ask, because the only possible way to memorize 45 bold words in an hour is to freestyle it!  It’s simple read the main ideas of the definitions, write the word down 2-3 times, then write the definition itself.  Afterward you have built muscle memory in your brain while correlating it to a hot beat on your song.  Once more definitions and ideas fall into place you can begin to correlate chemistry potions with diamond rings, math equations with thick booties.  Trust me on this one guys, fast beats, boring definitions, one hour of solitude.  It can work, and I will prove it can work.  They don’t teach you this in school BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING EVERYDAY!  However I understand the people, the students!  Till next time…