Krash’s College Survival Guide #3

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen!  Krash here back with some tips on what to do with your college life.  Hey that big day Valentines is coming up?  Got a date?  If not join Candy 95 at the Love Stinks Ball at The Tap!  It’s going to be a lavish time, heck even if you have a date get yo party on!  Okay now it’s time for some survival tips!

Lesson #3: What to do with a multiple hour break in the middle of a day?

Lets face it, we all make our schedules out trying to avoid being up early all the time right?  Well by doing this sometimes odd schedules are created in which we will spend 1-3 hours a day in between classes.  Sometimes it is just not long enough to give up that nice parking spot, and you want to wait it out!  That’s a lot of time to be wasting on campus, and sometimes the Ipod and Facebook are just not enough.  I’ve got the ULTIMATE way to pass time.  A day with excitement, and less boredom will make you more enthusiastic to do the important things later like uhh.. study! So what is this method?

Go people watching!  Hey I’m not a creeper, I swear just let me explain!  You’re in a hall way jamming to the Ipod going on hour two.  It is getting old and everyone you talk to is in class.  Just wait and look at all the clowns walking up and down the hallways.  Don’t look at them to check them out, look at them to predict.  You see, guy that didn’t shower to the right, he must be depressed because of his lack of love.  Girl to the left wearing jeans so tight her butt cheeks might pop, she desperately needs attention.  This just a start to this game!  Once you get started and used to the concept, enhance your predictions.  Guy down the hall who looks angry with the world, he just got out of a bad relationship, has been at this school way too long, and probably fails at life.  Girl yelling obsessively loud on the phone, she looks like she has major family problems, goes to school to rebel and be out of the house, does not have a clue in life.  Look it’s extreme stuff here yes, but YOU HAVE TO PASS THE TIME SOMEHOW!  You’d probably say, “don’t judge Krash.”  But look it is not judging, I don’t know these clowns and I will not tell them anything.  It’s awesome to people watch and gauge where their life is.  I love them all equally, so I keep my opinions inside.  Plus truly will you ever see these people again, or even talk to them?  Probably not =) People watching Krash style!  Krash solving boredom and college one step at a time!