Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 1

Greetings all, some of you may know but if you don’t, I’m a HUGE Survivor fan.  My following spans all the way back to the very first season of the show when I was in 6th grade in the year 2000.  Since then Survivor has changed a lot, some for the good some for the bad.  Regardless the show is amazing and a true test of mental will, determination, and strength.  It’s a game where we have seen 20 year old whiz kids win, and 50 year old masterminds take the check as well.  It is a simple game when it all boils down to it.  How can you outwit, outlast, and outplay 15-19 other competitors to win a million bucks?

It’s Season 22 of Survivor and this season proves to be a pivotal change with the introduction of Redemption IslandSurvivor Redemption Island is going to be one of the best seasons, mark my words right now.  I absolutely love the new cast and the new variables brought to play.  When somebody is voted out they are NOT out of the game, they are sent to an island where they will have a duel with the next person voted out.  The objective is simple whoever wins the duel stay on at the island.  Eventually it will be narrowed down to one castaway and they will re-enter the game.  I do not expect this to sway the voting strategy much, but it’s a fun little twist to bring excitement back into the game.

The other HUGE twist this season is bringing back two of the most notorious players in Survivor history in Boston Rob and Russell Hantz.  While a lot of the old time enthusiasts are not happy with this move, I am.  The two are having a grudge match following their bitter showing on Heroes Vs. Villains in 2010.  We saw on episode one how much they affect the game, even when dramatic moves are not made.  Paranoia has set in on both tribes and paranoia is the quickest way to get yourself axed in a game of Survivor.

Episode 1

The premiere of the show this past Wednesday was absolutely amazing!  If you have not watched it yet, STOP READING, this is my recap and analysis of the episode!  Again the season starts off with 16 castaways just to have the two legends added on as a shock to everyone.  I could not stop laughing as to how everyone cheered for Boston Rob but groaned when they got a glimpse of Russell.  People can think what they will, but I’d love to play WITH Russell.  Why you ask?  He is loyal to his initial alliance, and one of the best at that.  He lost his first season in Samoa in my opinion by overlooking his best options to win and staying loyal to his Southern sweetheart Nathalie.  Regardless, many of the guys on his tribe are already targeting Russell for extinction.  Fortunately for the Zapatera Tribe consisting of Russell, they won immunity and kept him safe from the vote.  In this tribe look for Ralph a big bad country boy, to be a major impact in this game, I’m getting that vibe.

On the other side at the Ometepe tribe chaos has already ensued and how DUMB are these castaways this season?  It makes for good television but also infuriates me as someone who desperately wants to get on this show.  Middle aged castaway Kristina of the tribe finds the illustrious hidden immunity idol without a clue.  That is a Russell move right there!  However she is not discrete at all on her search, throwing up red flags against her with Rob peering in.  Once she finds the thing what does she do?  Target one of the strongest players in Survivor history for termination.  NOT a bright idea lady.  I will never understand why people on this game want to get rid of strong players right off the bat, it is just not a logical idea!  Power players need fellow power players to survive.  Once you get closer to the merge or after the merge generally physical players are targeted to be picked off anyhow, so what is the point?  The people who often get knocked off in the first 12 days are so are the ones overplaying the game.  Kristina found an idol, and could not keep it to herself as she told fellow castaways Phillip and Francesca that she had it.  Phillip goes on an outrageous, “I’m a secret agent tangent,” at tribal and lets everyone know Kristina has it.  Phillip then flips his vote and joins Rob’s young female alliance and votes with a split of votes between Kristina and Francesca, giving Francesca the boot.  Essentially Kristina’s arrogance by thinking she had some sort of power eliminated an early alliance and put her name on the chopping block.  JUST LAY LOW! people need to communicate and gain trust the first three days, even if it’s fake.  This game will test how well you can work with someone you hate, much like the real working environment.  A first impression takes 30 days to reverse, when the game is only 39 days… it means a lot.  I agree with trying to find an idol, but to actively be trying to play it is unnecessary.  Regardless Kristina will be a fun player through the next few episodes, and Robs young girl alliance of Natalie, Ashley, and Andrea will be fun.  I have to feel like one of these girls is playing him with their young flirtatious methods.  Russell is not one to fall for it, but Rob even though famously married I think could be.  I can’t wait for more next week!  Will Francesca survive another week at redemption?  We will see!

Player Of The Week:

Russell Hantz