Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 2

Episode 2: “You Own My Vote”

Episode two of Survivor Redemption Island did not disappoint!  I have to say through the first two episodes of this season, it easily ranks with the very best seasons.  A lot of seasons seem to take three to four episodes to really get warmed up.  Definitely not the case this season and it makes blogging about the game SO much better!

Boy did I call a big move happening this episode or what?  I previously mentioned that the grizzly hairy man Ralph would end up being a key player this season.  So what does he do?  He went and found the other hidden immunity idol in the game this time at the Zapatera camp, without a clue.  He did the right thing by not telling anyone, and I hope for his sake he keeps it that way.  Look hidden immunity idols represent power and there is a point where you should use it and tell people, BUT NOT NOW.  It is too early to be the, “sketchy” player.  The only one who gets away with this is Russell Hantz, and we are about to get to my boy Russ!

Lesson #1 Of Playing With Russell: Do NOT Challenge Him

Right when I was just about to award Ralph player of the week he goes and blows it completely!  Ralph felt pretty cocky about finding the idol before the legendary idol finder Russell.  I agree he should, but there is no need to spark a riot.  After Zapatera barely won their second straight immunity challenge, Russell went searching for an idol clue in their basket of prize goods.  Ralph sees him looking and raises the red flag to his alliance made up of, Mike, Steve, and David.  This is all good and dandy, look I don’t think they should not be scared of Russell.  The problem here is how Ralph brings his posse out and calls Russell out on finding the clue, and tells him to share it with the group.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?  You are going to sit there and challenge Russell?  Ralph has power in this game, and the tribe won immunity.  Why not just let Russell scramble trying to find the idol and hurt himself.  Raising a problem at camp, is not going to work in his favor.  Russell has just been given ammunition to take out Ralph’s top buddies, and I guarantee he will.  Numbers are important even before the merge within your tribe.  Russell is playing with what I believe to be two smart girls in Krista and Stephanie.  They know they can ride the big man as far as they can go and then probably beat him in the end.  Why wouldn’t they?  I understand ruffling Russell’s ego and feathers but you must wait till the right time, and when the tribe is winning it is not now.  Survivor is just as much about what you don’t do as what you do do.

Boston Rob: A Calm Executioner

Rob and Amber forever changed the game of Survivor, they have put targets on every suspected male and female couple alliance.  Matty the christian boy, and Andrea the country girl had been getting awfully close in front of the entire tribe.  Rob who does not miss a beat wanted to break this up ASAP.  While I’m generally not one for arranging blindsides at this point of the game, I understand where he is coming from.  When romance comes into play with a small part of an alliance it has to be broken up.  Rob felt it was necessary to put a hit on Matty if the time came soon.  It would also get Kristina to blindly play her idol and get it out of the game while she was not targeted.  Meanwhile Phillip former secret agent man is losing his mind.  He goes into a whole emotional state about how Francesca last episode challenged his integrity, yada yada yada.  This guy is a complete idiot, moron, you name it, but I LOVE IT!  Phillip is great television please don’t vote him out!  He is like former castaway Coach, but even more ridiculous.  Phillip also is a player I’d love to keep around strategically.  My whole idea of a game plan is to always have someone with me that is below me in terms of game play, and someone who appears to be more of a player.  When you are in the middle you are always safe.  Phillip is the perfect person to deflect attention.

With the second boot looming for Ometepe they had to make a decision.  Rob was able to coax a plan in making everyone outside of his main alliance split the votes on Kristina and Phillip. Instead Ashley, Grant, Natalie, and Rob placed their votes on Matty creating a major second episode blindside. Meanwhile Kristina played her idol as expected.  Rob showed his knowledge of the game and what I think to be a good move on his part.  He knows there will be a target on his back soon, and a couple does not play in his favor.  I expect Grant to sway from this alliance sooner than later though.  Rob will have to work his magic mainly on females, who lust for him.  Come on isn’t it obvious!?  I cannot wait for next episode to see what happens at redemption when Francesca and Matty will face off to see who stays in the game!  Much like last week, my motto of the episode, LAY LOW.  It is the beginning of the game you do not to be a hero unless you feel you have to be.  The only one’s who have to be at edge right now are the returning players Rob and Russell.

Player Of The Week: Rob Mariano