Lindsay Lohan Pleads Not Guilty

Lindsay Lohan pleaded Not Guilty to a felony charge of theft yesterday.  Lindsay is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice California.  The necklace was only returned to police after the media reported that the cops had obtained a warrant to search Lindsay’s home for it.  Still, Lindsay claims the store, Kamofie & Company, loaned the necklace to her.

 Lindsay was booked and released on $40,000 bail.  That broke down to $20,000 for the theft charge and another $20,000 for violating her probation.   But the judge in this case sounds pretty serious.  He told her,

“What I’m telling you is that you need to follow the laws just like everybody else . . . You’re no different than anyone else.  So please, don’t push your luck.”

 Watch the full video from TMZ here:


Lindsay could be sentenced to three years in prison if convicted.  She could also do a little time for violating her probation, which doesn’t end until August.

Yesterday marked the first time Linds has been charged with theft.  But it’s not the first time she’s been accused of stealing something.  So, just for fun, here are…

The Many Theft Accusations of Lindsay Lohan!

1) January 2008 – Lindsay was accused Lindsay of stealing an $11,000 mink coat from a club in New York City and Lindsay was even photographed wearing it.

2) February 2008 – Lindsay was accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing out of a model’s closet.  The was out of town at the time, but the person who was house-sitting for her threw a party, and Lindsay was a guest.  Witnesses said that Lindsay was picking through her stuff and handing what she wanted to her bodyguard.

3) June 2009 – $400,000 worth of jewelry disappeared from a photo shoot Lindsay was doing for “Elle” magazine.  But the magazine issued a statement saying it did not hold Lindsay responsible.

4) April 2010 – Lindsay was questioned by police over a missing $35,000 Rolex watch.  The owner later asked police to drop the case, claiming she’d accidentally left it at Lindsay’s house.