Meet the new cast of MTV’s Real World: Las Vegas

Starting March 9, MTV will have 7 new strangers heading into a penthouse in Las Vegas to live together and get Real.

If you didn’t already know, I’m a Real World pro lately. Since stalking the Real World DC cast, I’ve been known for finding out and spilling the spoilers of the show, along with interviewing the cast once it airs, and having them join in on chatrooms during the new episodes. If you want to check out some of the “spoilers” and extra info that I’ve already told, click here.

If you want to ride the wave like a normal fan, take a first look at the cast of Real World: Las Vegas 25.

Meet Heather, Dustin, Mike, Naomi, Adam, Leroy, and Nany.

Yep! They’re back to only 7 strangers [the way it should be] and getting rowdy. I’m pretty sure they’ll be living up to the “RWLV” rep of the past.

I’m pretty excited, as usual! I just really hope we get people’s “stories” rather than a ton of hookups and stuff.

Plus!: Mike is totally from my hometown! SCORE! Unfortunately no one is from Texas, but Dustin is from Louisiana! And he’s got quite the interesting past, so that should be interesting.

Tell me: Do you still watch the Real World? Are you excited?