Read the NEWS!!!

Okay let me clarify, read the news you should care about.   Now I’m paraphrasing, but this was the gist of a conversation I heard, on Northgate over the weekend. “Daffy Duck may have to leave Tripoli, see I told you the French hated America. I heard it on the news today.”  And No, I will not say where I was or who said it, but I once again had to fight the urge to butt in and say something.  I think what these international studies scholars were trying to convey should have sounded like this, “Moammar Gadhafi’s regime is in trouble.  The political unrest in the Middle East has spread to Libya, and it’s rumored he may have to flee Tripoli, the country’s capitol.”


So here’s a heads up for those of you without cable and CNN and Fox News, or those of you whose keyboards won’t type in the phrases Yahoo news, drudge report, or News in your address bars or search engines.

Libya, which has been under the reign of a dictator that supports terrorists, treats his people poorly and had to hide out in a tent in the desert during the 80’s so we wouldn’t drop bombs on him, is now in political turmoil.  The Libyan armed forces have opened fire on civilians.  Gadhafi has lost the support of some members of his own military, tribal leaders, and many other groups in his country, and may be on his way to Venezuela.

Bahrain is an important U.S. ally. Bahrain hosts the American Navy’s 5th fleet. However, the monarchy there is at risk to losing power.  Protesters there have taken to the streets as they have across the Middle East, demanding the royal family step down.  This could be very bad for the USA, if an Anti-American government takes control, we lose a major ally, a Naval Base that helps keep Iran in check, and possibly give terrorists a new zone for recruitment, training, and refuge.

Finally, did you know that an American working for the CIA was arrested in Pakistan on January 27th?  Raymond Davis was in Lahore, in a neighborhood where he planned to meet with “field agents” and he was scouting for a location to debrief these field officers.  While scouting a locale, it’s alleged that some thugs tried to rob him.  Davis, a former Green Beret and more than likely a highly decorated American veteran, pulled a Glock and the thugs were killed.  When US embassy officials tried to extract him, a third Pakistani was killed by their vehicle.  When taken into custody, Davis allegedly was carrying passports and papers with different names on them, his Glock, and a telescoping monocular.  He has asked for diplomatic immunity, since he works for the embassy, but the Pakistani government hasn’t released him.  What’s worse is that the detention center where he’s being kept is not up to par, and if the local bad guys go in to get him, it’s likely he would not survive, though the Pakistani army has sent in their special forces to defend the jail.  Pakistan is still officially an ally to the USA (though not on the best of terms right now) and a member of the UN.

That’s just a small look at what’s happening in this big world of ours.  However, in a few weeks or months, when you see gas prices skyrocket due to increased turmoil in the Middle East, now you’ll know why.  Thanks to Television and the Internet, today we live in a very small world, ignorance to what is going on is reprehensible and irresponsible.  Pay attention to your world, please.


-Adam Knight