Texas Talent!

I love love love to find new raw talent in the Houston or neighboring areas.  Hey it’s where I’m from!  These three artists/groups, I feel will only get bigger in the coming years and need your recognition!  Go out and see them play, or find their music it will be worth your time!


The Last Place You Look

Genre: Rock

Websites: Official Facebook


These guys are AMAZING live.  If you like some good jammin harder rock, or a little bit of melody they will deliver it all at once!  These guys pour their heart out into the music and it gives me chills every time!  The Last Place You Look are a five person band, looking for that first label.  It is our job as fans of good REAL music to promote them!



Matches & Big Al

Genre: Hip Hop/Dance

Websites: Official Facebook


I had the pleasure of meeting these two goofballs at the end of summer 2010.  Little did I know they were on the verge of taking the Houston club scene by storm!  They are looking to take their talents across Texas and around the United States.  Nobody puts in more of an effort than Matches & Big Al to build their name up.  I am glad to help them anway I can!



Alycia Brown

Genre: Country/Americana

Websites: Facebook


This girl is the youngest of the bunch but definitely not the least of the talent!  She has some AMAZING vocal chords while being one of the sweetest and kindest people I’ve ever been able to talk to.  Alycia came on my show a couple weeks back after I heard her, “Back To December” cover via YouTube.  Alycia is doing cover work to get herself noticed currently but when the originals start to surface the labels will be screaming her name!