The Kennedys


Posting this because I’m 1) a HUUUUUUUUGE history nerd. 2) a HUUUUUUUGE JFK nerd. 3) Have no idea why this project is getting swept under the rug. Last I heard, some internet company had bought the rights to it. No word on a timetable for distribution.

If you aren’t familiar with the backstory, History Channel greenlit the series from a production company in Canada. It cost HBO money to produce it. $10-$12 MILLION dollars. History then backed out after initial screenings with exectuives. The reason was it “didn’t fit with the brand” suggesting it doesn’t portray either JFK or RFK in the angelic light we usually see in most documentaries.

There’s also rumors that the Kennedy family used their influence to make sure it got squashed.

After watching the preview, I think it’s most likely that it just wasn’t very good. Looks VERY over the top to me. Also, to believe the Kennedy family would have any interest in getting a television show cancelled is a little much. You can find stories for DAYS about how either one of the brothers lived thier life (Marilyn Monroe, anyone????). I can’t imagine we were going to see anything other than a probably poorly acted, poorly written overdrama.

History should have stuck to Pawn Stars and left the Emmy fishing expeditions to the pro’s (i.e. HBO).