The Super Bowl XLV Halftime show…

If you didn’t catch the Black Eyed Peas [and surprise appearances from Usher and Slash], now’s your time to watch.

Part of me wants to tell you not to waste your time, but the other half thinks you need to know what happened if you don’t.



  • Surprise appearances
  • The light up people on the field
  •’s “hair”… because it’s different

Not cool:

  • Everything else

Fergie was awful. They couldn’t get the sound right to save their lives. The group didn’t move at all! The only “performing” came from Usher’s dance and the people on the field!

I mean seriously… When will they bring back the days of mixing up a bunch of big names?! I had a lot of hope for this year, and maybe it’s still a step in the right direction, but whenever they can make something epic like this happen again, it’s considered a fail in my book:


What did you think?! Did you like it? If so- feel free to try and sway my opinion.