Tom Hanks is a grandpa! Plus- Why I’m an idiot

It’s obvious that for this job, we have to stay on top of our pop culture/entertainment news knowledge. For the most part, I know the big names and the important happenings, but when it comes to movies and knowing everyone’s name- I’ll admit I’m not the best.

News came out today that Tom Hanks was a grandpa! His son Colin and his wife Samantha Bryant had a baby girl last week. They named her Olivia Jane.

I clicked the tweet I saw thinking “OOH! I wanna see what his son looks like! I wonder if he’s as gangstuh as Chet!”

Then, BAM. The Internet called me an idiot. I TOTALLY know who Colin Hanks is as an actor [he's in Mad Men and most importantly for me- an episode or two of The OC], but I had never but it together that he was Tom Hanks’ son!

Just in case you might have been in the dark like me, here’s a picture of Tom and his 3 sons- Colin, Chet [really Chester” and the youngest Truman [Theodore]. He also has a daughter Elizabeth, but apparently she doesn’t want Google having too many pictures of her.

Congrats to daddy Colin and Grandpa Tom!