Urinal Cake Candles. They’re real.

Shel Winkley mentioned this on yesterday’s show. I decided to look for it when I got in because NO PART OF ME THOUGHT THIS WAS REAL.

Here’s a description from the companys website (HOTWICK CANDLES)

Bring the industrial chemical freshness of a public restroom right to your home.

We’re often asked if THE URINAL CAKE CANDLE smells like pee. It doesn’t. It’s a cinnamony floral smell that’s modeled after a urinal cake our founder once relieved himself on at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. This candle covers both number 1 and number 2 odors and has become a regular contributor in the HOTWICKS world headquarters bathroom. This is the perfect gift for anyone that likes tacos, asparagus, and really hot chicken wings.

Turns out it’s one of Shel’s fave candles. He loves the smell of “clean” and says this get’s it done.

Some of the other Candle Creations from Hotwick:






Because I wanted to know too…Stripper apparently smells like:

The perfume counter at your local department store times a thousand… then add some glitter.

For reference, here’s the segment from yesterday’s show discussing the whole candle thing: