Watson Wins, but don’t worry about Skynet yet.

IBM created a supercomputer to compete on Jeopardy, and after 3 days of competition Watson, the computer won. ¬†Well, Watson didn’t just win it kicked its human competitors’ BUTTs. Now some people may worry that we are giving computers too much thinking power, and that one day they may take over, like the Matrix, or worse…the Terminator!

Well for Watson to compete and win Jeopardy, this computer had to be housed in over 10 refrigerator sized shelf stacks, in a big room off camera at the IBM Labs where they filmed the show. Watson is a remarkable feat for the programmers at IBM, but not a sign of Cyber Armageddon.

Please, before you start worrying about your water supply or begin developing your own homemade EMPs, using baling wire, a microwave oven, a heavy duty capacitor and a satellite dish, read up on Watson and how IBM created it just to work on Jeopardy, as well as look at the editorial article I read by Steve Hamm.


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