American Idol: Top 12 Guys

FINALLY we got to vote on Idol last night!!! I have been waiting for this all season.  The Top 12 guys performed and Ryan Secreast dropped a bomb!  Only 5 of the guys will make it through with America’s vote and the judges will pick one Wild Card.  We’re losing 1/2 of the contestants in one week.  Wow.

I’ve got three absolute favorite performances from last night’s show.  Of course, our man TIM HALPERIN stole the show for me.  The judges weren’t as impressed, but I think he’ll still make it through.  Check out his version Rob Thomas’s “Come On Over”:


Paul McDonald is someone who didn’t get a whole lot of storyline during the auditions, but man is he amazing or what?  Such a rockstar already, at least to me.  What do you think?


Finally, my true favorite performance…all personal allegiances to Tim aside…was CASEY ABRAMS.  He is just so cool.  JLo even called him SEXY.  His performance definitely was….


Now…for the worst.  I would be SHOCKED to see either of these guys next week.

Jordan Dorsey has been a great talent, but also an overly confident D-Bag this whole time.  His overconfidence proved to be his downfall last night.  He tried to be USHER…He’s no Usher and it showed.  What a trainwreck…


And poor Brett Lowenstern.  I would love for him to be great, but the poor little guy just doesn’t have it.  Miss Informed, one of our former staffers up here said it best: “If Carrot Top and Willow Smith had a baby, it would be Brett Lowenstern.”  I haven’t seen hair-whipping like this since the “hair-ography” episode of “Glee.”


Who were your favorites?  Who do you think is DEFINITELY going home?