BIG news:FREE shows near you.

The first days of April promise to bring to great free shows near you. On Friday April 1st  theres the return of Sublime to Houston for the FREE final four concert! Yes thats right What I Got, Sateria, Wrong Way, best ska cd ever made Sublime.

Ok not really because “Originally Sublime singer Bradley Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996. The band quickly split up but reformed in 2009 with young vocalist Rome Ramirez. After some legal wrangling over the name, the band is now officially known as Sublime With Rome.”


So whose headlining day 2 on April 2nd you might ask? Oh you know a little band known as Kings of Leon. Yup Kings of Leon FREE show in H-town!


And for all you country fans Kenney Chesney is headlining the Sunday April 3rd show.

But if you dont feel like heading to Houston this weekend and still want to catch some kick-a shows, locally we will have a crawfish boil party on Friday, April 1st at Z-Islander from 2-4pm (and a chance to win a cruise). Or later that night you can hit up Relay For Life which always promises some great acts. Then on April 2nd Adult Swims Ragbag of Jollification Block party featuring BEST COAST is happening! FREE show, prizes, adult swim craziness,…good times.

Below are the links for each event:

NCAA Big Dance Concert Series (Sublime, Kings of Leon, Kenney Chesney)

Relay For Life

Adult Swim’s Ragbag of Jollification (Best Coast)

And if anyones going to Cold War Kids in Austin on the 1st I’ll be there lone-wolfing it. Cause the Kids are soooo worth it.