Britney Spears doesn’t own a cell phone! & other facts

Us Weekly talked to Britney in anticipation of her album [6 days!!!] and had her give them 25 random facts about herself.

Here are some of the highlights that shocked me, especially the first one:

  • She doesn’t own a cell phone [Daddy must have said no.]
  • She does a “mean” dinosaur impression for her boys
  • She has more than 50 purses and jackets in her closet
  • She’s secretly a photographer
  • She collects dolls
  • She’s a big fan of Adele’s new album
  • She played basketball in high school
  • She wrecked her mom’s Lexus in high school
  • She made the first move on current boyfriend Jason Trawick

I thought I knew everything about the girl, but I was so wrong! NO CELL PHONE?! HOW DOES SHE LIVE?!

…Probably pretty freely, actually.