Britney’s performance-packed weekend

With Britney’s album being released tomorrow, she had a weekend full of promo and performances on the West Coast.

With a performance for a Good Morning America special in San Francisco and a “surprise” performance in Vegas for MTV, it was like Britney was back to her old self, taking over the world.

Before the specials air, check out the pictures and videos!

From Good Morning America:

[nggallery id=35]


And Vegas:


She’s not “owning” the stage as much as she used to, but I think this is the first time in at least 5 years that I’ve seen her look genuinely happy, so that’s good! And sure, she’s probably lip-synching, but it’s Britney Spears. We’ve come to accept that by now.

Both specials air tomorrow [Tuesday], so get ready for a Britney-filled day! I can’t wait!