Casey Collapses After Judges’ Save

America voted Casey Abrams off “American Idol” last week, but the judges decided to use their “save” to keep him around.  We all watched as Casey nearly collapsed on-stage when the judges stopped him mid-performance to tell him they were giving him another chance.   But according to TMZ, Casey did collapse backstage after the show.

Sources say he was, “so overwrought with emotion [that] he began hyperventilating and then fell to the floor in the hallway.”  “Idol” staff members helped him to a chair and were able to get him to relax.

Casey said, “I feel really bad that other [contestants] might have to go home now because [the judges] used the [one] save on me.”

In addition to his extremely emotional reaction on-camera, Casey also had yet another blood transfusion before Thursday’s show.  The hosptilizations and blood transfusions are due to Casey’s ulcerative colitis.

Here’s the video of Casey getting eliminated and saved: