Chris Brown breaks a window at Good Morning America

Today marks the release of F.A.M.E., Chris Brown’s latest album. He’s had a ton of celeb support and PR going in his favor for this day, but Robin Roberts pushed a button that may have ruined it for him.

When he was on Good Morning America this morning, Robin brought up the darkest period in Chris’s history- The Chrianna scandal.

I think he handled himself well during the interview. That was something that happened TWO albums ago. They’ve both moved on. The media needs to do so as well. Why piss off your interviewee? It’s not going to have good results.

In fact, unfortunately for C-Breezy, he let it get the best of him backstage and allegedly shattered this window.

He also tweeted “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t.”

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: According to, Chris trashed the room tore off his shirt and tried to flee the building before his final performance. A producer tried to stop him causing ANOTHER altercation. Brown and the staffer were fortunatly seperated before any punches were thrown. Here are some pic of shirtless Chris Brown leaving the building. (Serious question: Does he get the shirt back?? If not, who keeps it? Robin Roberts? The producer? Do they give it away to a fan??)

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[Here comes my opinion that I really hope you read. <3 EB]

Honestly, I agree with him, and had the tweet been the only thing he did in rage, that would have been okay… but C’MONNNN CHRIS! Shattering windows?! Now everyone is going to think you’ve gone mad again. Not a good look.

Either way, I’M getting his album today and I’m excited about it. I hear it’s good, and I judge people on their music, not their personal lives.
People like this need SUPPORT in their lives over anything else. How are they supposed to succeed and get better on or off the stage if no one will let them?

Take Britney for example: Everyone’s been excited about her lately, talking nothing but optimism for her future. What if people were still asking her about her shaved head and epic breakdown? There’s no way she’d be doing ANY PR, nor would she be doing as well as she is a week out of her release.

Michael Jackson is another example, but unfortunately no one ever forgave him for holding a baby over a balcony, becoming white, or maybe harassing children until after he died. That’s a shame.

Chris Brown’s music has always been and continues to be good. Why stop playing it because he punched a glass?
PLUS- most 21 year old guys would want to punch something after what he goes through. Yeah, he should have waited to get to somewhere more appropriate, but he’s young, a little immature, and makes bad decisions. At least he makes good music.

No, I don’t think what he does is right or something to look up to, but I think he and his music need some support. And this concludes my rant that’s probably going to get a lot of hate. Whatevs.