Congrats to the Aggie Men on a Great Season.

Sadly it came to an early end this afternoon in Chicago.  Way too early for me, I wanted to see BJ, Nathan, Andrew and the other seniors go farther into the NCAA tournament.   FSU has a great defense and they had just enough offense to beat us. The final Score 57-50.

So now my basketball season is officially over, time to move on to Aggie Baseball, Astros Baseball in two weeks, and Aggie Football.

Thanks again to the Seniors, they made it to the Big Dance every single year they were here, and you can’t ask for much more than that.  Coach Turgeon and his staff are recruiting and improving our program every year, and I know our 2011-12 season is gonna be another record breaking year for the Aggies.


Thanks and Gig Em,


Adam Knight