EXCLUSIVE interview with Lee DeWyze: The American Idol!


Lee DeWyze put on a free show at Reed Arena last night as part of “The Big Event,” and I got to meet up with him backstage before he went on! [But I didn't get to have one-on-one time until dozens of teenage girls stampeded into the arena to get as close as they could to the reigning Idol.]

He was a really chill guy who made sure to check his appearance more than a few times before heading out onto the stage! He was also honest and answered questions without hesitation, which is always nice! Even when I asked him who he was rooting for this season, he didn’t hold back! He told me his picks!

So check out the interview and clips of his show! Also- I really fell in love with his music more than I had before. His album is called “Live It Up” and I definitely recommend it to anyone. If not the entire album, be sure to check out the title track “Live It Up” and the single that you’ve probably heard me play- “Sweet Serendipity.”