Good Luck to my Friends Matt Featherston and Jerrod Johnson!

Tomorrow is Pro Day for  Texas A&M, a chance for former Aggie Players to have personal workouts for NFL Scouts and Personnel.  Now in my position as a radio DJ, I’ve had the privilege of meeting Matt Featherston, Jerrod Johnston, Von Miller and Javorskie Lane face to face.  Of these guys I probably know Matt the best, but these are all quality guys.  I will be proud to see each of them representing Texas A&M in the NFL or where ever they end up, be it as coaches, teachers, paramedics, or in the business world.

Unfortunately Pro Day is not open to the general public, but as you go about your day tomorrow, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Playing in the NFL is the dream of every young football player, starting from Pop Warner all the way through to  NCAA, but it is a dream very few get to achieve.  These men all have what it takes, and I hope they see their dreams come true.

Good Luck Ags,

-Adam Knight

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