Guy asks girl to prom and goes viral.. Good or bad?

I think 50% of the world now has “How do I do something that will make me viral?” on their mind… I know I do. I know everyone at this station does. 75% of my friends do. It’s just how the world works.

So, I’m sure homeboy who walked into his crush’s classroom and sang to her in order to get her to go to prom with him really did wanna get creative and be sweet, but let’s be real: He had “VIRAL” on the brain. And he succeeded.


I think it’s freaking great. Now I want to know how many of you have done something in hopes of going viral?  Has it been prom related? Would you do this to ask a girl to prom?

Also: ladies, would you want a guy to do this for you?

Weigh in on all of this! And share your videos you want me to check out below!