How to attend SXSW for FREE!

Spring break is fast approaching and its that time of year again the time when thousands of people, including myslef, flock to our great capitol for SXSW the greatest all-encompasing festival of all time. Here is why you should go and tips on how to get the most our of your SXSW experience.

SXSW is FREE!!!!

So lets ignore the $300 music badge for a second because only newbs and rich people buy those. During SXSW the entire city of Austin, TX is filled with free shows; its like Sams club on a Sunday just covered with samples fit for a king. All you have to do is know where to find these things and below I will list my top sites to make it easy on you.

Before you make your schedule you have to figure out:

Who you want to see? The list of most of the bands attending is on the SXSW site. Or further below I will list my top 10.

1. – on this site you sign up, pick the bands you want to see, then filter the ones that are free. You can also look at the parties tab to find the shows and places to get free food/drinks and connect it to your Facebook to share with friends. RSVP to as many as you can but dont worry if RSVPs closed cause it usually doesnt matter.

2. – this site is easier for making a final schedule it lets you choose between different catagories you should look at Unofficial Party, Unnoficial Music, and Party to find the free stuff. Make sure you look at the age restrictions and that its free. Avoid anything that says official showcase because that means its for music badge holders or youd have to pay.

3. has a list of all the shows going on basically a cruder version of do512 but it sometimes has some gems that dont appear on the other site.

4. – this page basically lists some of the above mentioned and everything else going on at SXSW so there should be no excuse for going to the festival and not knowing what to do.

5. Candy 95 intern blog- yes I will be posting a schedule later this week with the shows Im going to complete with places for free food/drink/stuff. I may also include a map and a few extra SXSW tips.

Here are the bands I am so looking forward to seeing at SXSW and when they play for free but most bands play several times a day on different days so these may not be the only times they play for free.

1. The Strokes – playing a free show at Auditorium Shores Stage on Thursday March 17th at 8pm.


2. Noah and the Whale- playing a free show at Lustre Pearl on Friday March 18th at 9pm.


3. Cold War Kids – free show at Lustre Pearl on Thursday March 17th at 12am.


4. Bright Eyes – free show at Auditorium Shores Stage at 7:30 on Saturday March 19th.


5. Okkervil River – free show Auditorium Shores at 5pm on Saturday March 19th.


6. Man Man – free show Auditorium Shores 4:30 on Saturday March 19th.

7. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin – free show Thursday March 17th at Mohawk.

8. Miniature Tigers playing a free show on TBA.

9. TV on the Radio playing a free show on TBA.

10. Dead Milkmen and many others at the MWTX Party on Saturday March 19th.

These are my top bands Id like to see but there are hundreds of others I didnt mention that I will be putting on my schedule that will be posted sometime this week. There are thousands of bands playing at SXSW and thousands of free shows going on choose what you like and Ill see ya there.

For more information on all things SXSW follow me on twitter @Candy95Intern and feel free to ask any question you may have.