Idol: Elton John Night!


I’m getting a strange feeling of Deja Vu.  Didn’t we do this last week?  The Top 11 American Idols performed for your votes again last night, since Casey Abrams got the Judges’ Save last week.  The theme was “The Elton John Catalogue” and I loved it!  The contestants had some really great material to choose from and most of them did really well again.


Here are some of my favorites:

Casey Abrams: Casey chose to sing “Your Song” and it was a safe, but really smart choice.  He threw out all the gimmicks and gave us a performance that showcased the reasons we liked Casey to begin with – beautiful tone, talented singer.  I really like the softer side of Casey.


Haley Reinhart: The judges said Haley’s rendition of “Benni and the Jets” was the best performance of the night.  I’m not sure it was the best, but it was really good.  The beginning felt a little “stagy” and old fashioned, but she gave it everything she had at the end.  I continue to be impressed with Haley’s style and the cool quality in her voice.  She definitely doesn’t sound like anyone we have heard before.


Lauren Alaina:  We got a ballad!  Yes!!! I have been wanting to hear Lauren sing a slow song that she could really take some time with.  Her performance of “Candle in the Wind” was a perfect way to show us that she is not just cute and silly, but that she can be a real artist.  I really liked this side of her.


Now….who didn’t do so hot?

James Durbin: Usually I am on the James bandwagon, but this week he went too far…  I thought everything from the song choice to the pyrotechnics was so over-the-top that it took away from the opportunity to showcase his talent.  Am I wrong?


Naima Adedapo: I’ll hand it to Naima, she always makes a song her very own.  She is finding ways to show us the artist that she hopes to be.  Her reggae version of  “I’m Still Standing” was interesting, but I’m not sure that the arrangement impressed America.  It certainly didn’t impress the judges.


Two contestants are going to be eliminated tonight…and my picks are Stefano and Naima.  Naima may be wishful thinking on my part.  If not her, we may be saying goodbye to Thia Magia.  But either way, I say Stefano and Naima are out.  ~Alli