Idol: Goodbye Karen…

The judges chose not to use their one and only Save of the season on Karen Rodriguez last night.  Karen received the fewest votes for her sadly forgettable rendition of Taylor Dane’s “Love Will Lead You Back.”  Apparently, the judges’ decision was NOT unanimous.  I assume JLo was the judge wanting to save Karen, as she pushed back from the table and looked disappointed when the announcement was made.

But…let’s get to my favorite part of the results show each week:  The epic disaster of awkward that is the Group Performance.  The contestants did a mash up of “Born to be Wild” and “Born This Way” in honor of the this week’s theme “The Year You Were Born.”  The number picks up some steam at the end…but the beginning is pretty rough.  Also…the colors of the set were like an all-out assault on the senses.  Total Sensory Overload.  Enjoy!