Idol: Top 11 Perform

The Top 11 sang the hits of Motown last night on the show.  So, how could it go wrong?  For the most part it didn’t.  This was a really great episode of American Idol.  This was an important week to shine considering whoever goes home on Thursday does not get to participate in the summer tour.

Let’s talk about who did great:

James Durbin is always impressive to me!  He leaves evrything he has on the stage and performs every song 100%.  I have yet to be disappointed in the passion he has for performing.  I thought he version on Stevie Wonder’s “Livin’ for the City” was just another example of James’ greatness.


Lauren Alaina: She has been a favorite since the audition stages, but now I think she’s really earning that title.  For the past two weeks she’s turned in very consistent performances with perfect song choices.  Cool attitude for a sassy version of “You Keep Me Hanging On.”


Jacob Lusk: The judges went completely insane over Jacob’s version of “You’re All I Need to Get By.”  Steven Tyler even ran up on stage to give Jacob a hug.  Was this best performance in Idol history, like Randy insinuated?  Not necessarily, but it was pretty darn good!


Haley Reinhart: I know she’s not America’s favorite.  She’ll probably even be in the Bottom 3 this week.  But I just LOVE Haley.  Her voice is so cool and like the judges mentioned, she can make her voice go where ever she wills it to go.  What do you think?


Now…who failed to impress last night?

Steafano performance of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” was probably the worst of the night.  Yes, Stefano can sing exceedingly well, but he doesn’t come across as very genuine in his performance.  His lack of connection to the song made it really cheesey.  


Naima incorporated some really African dancing into her version of “Dancing in the STreet,” but all the dancing in the world does not make up for the fact that she is FAR from the best singer in the competition.


This was not Scotty’s week at all.  Our county crooner got lost in the crowd with the Motown theme.  I doubt he’s going anywhere, but this was a weak performance from him.


Who were YOUR favorites from last night?  Who do you think is going home?