Idol: Top 13 Performances

There were a ton of great performances from the Top 13 contestants.  The judges gave each other props for picking an awesome crop this year, and I have to agree!  I’m having trouble picking a favorite at this point.

Last night was “Idol Night” and the contestants chose songs made famous by one of their own idols.  If you missed last night’s episode….here are a few of the stand outs.

Pia Toscano chose to sing “All By Myself” by Celine Dion.  She killed it! Slaughtered it!  Ah-mazing!


Casey Abrams named Joe Cocker as his idol and chose to sing his version of  “A Little Help From My Friends.”  I’m not sure if he’ll win American Idol, (though he would deserve it), but he’s got so much passion, you can’t help but buy what he’s selling.


Naima Adedapo showed us another side of herself by putting a reggae vibe on “Umbrella” by her idol, Rihanna.   The singing wasn’t up to her usual standard, but that’s because she was putting a lot of focus on dancing and using the space.  I think she’ll be around for another week, at least, after showing us what she’s truly made of.


James Durbin was a standout for me.  His version of Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” showed us so many levels of his vocal range and ability.  Soft and sweet, wild and crazy, composed, passionate.  Check it out:


I’m still on the fence about Scotty McCreery.  Great baratone voice, and it’s amazing that he’s only 16 or 17.  But, I don’t know that he can bring something different enough each week to keep us interested.  Either way, he mentioned last night to Jimmy Iovine that he was going to stay true to  himself and just be Scotty.  What did you think of his version of Garth Brook’s “The River”?


For the most part, all the contestants nailed their performances last night.  It’s hard to say who’s going home.  Lauren A. maybe?  She didn’t choose a very good song, and drawing the short straw to go first does not work in her favor.  With so many great performances last night…it’s hard to remember all the way back to #1.  Could Stefano be leaving us?  This kid has a ridiculous voice and he did a good job, but did the arrangement do him any good?  I wasn’t familiar with his song (Stevie Wonder), but I’m sure a lot of viewers were.  Paul chose a Ryan Adams song that the judges were not as familiar with.  They hoped “America got it.”  Me too… Choosing a lesser known track may have been a risk Paul couldn’t afford to take.  We’ll see tonight!

What do you think???